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Whiddon Group

CPS proudly sponsors the Whiddon Group Scholarship Program which offers a range of tertiary scholarships every year for employees to study at certificate, undergraduate and postgraduate levels. David Hughes & Chris Mamarelis CEO The Whiddon Group presenting a CPS sponsored scholarship to Belinda Woods at the 2017 Gala Dinner.

My Scholarship allows me to undertake a Graduate Certificate in Health Services Management. Without this scholarship, I would not have been able to undertake further education. This will allow me to formally build on the years of experience I have working in this role and develop my leadership and managerial skills.

Belinda Woods, Care Services – Whiddon Temora

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SkyJuice FoundatioN

CPS proudly supports the SkyJuice Foundation, a not for profit organisation providing sustainable water treatment solutions for humanitarian projects and emergency and disaster relief efforts.

We support the SkyJuice Foundation in a variety of ways, including volunteers for project work and presentations to our peers in the construction industry. 

To obtain further information please visit: www.skyjuice.org.au