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Corporate Social Responsibility

Whiddon Group

 CPS proudly sponsors the Whiddon Group Scholarship Program which offers a range of tertiary scolarships every year for employees to study at certificate, undergraduate and postgraduate levels

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank CPS for their support of this fantastic program. Our people are very important to us and the generous support of CPS has helped Corinne to undertake further study to enable her to grow professionally and achieve her career dreams”

— Belinda Howell, The Whiddon Group

SkyJuice FoundatioN

CPS proudly supports the SkyJuice Foundation, a not for profit organisation providing sustainable water treatment solutions for humanitarian projects and emergency and disaster relief efforts.

We support the SkyJuice Foundation in a variety of ways, including volunteers for project work and presentations to our peers in the construction industry. 

To obtain further information please visit: www.skyjuice.org.au