Jenolan Caves Reserve Trust Master Planning

The aim the Masterplan for the Visitor Use and Services Zone (VUSZ) which presents concepts and detailed plans and specifications for the revitalisation of visitor facilities and services within the VUSZ, consistent with the Reserve Plan of Management. CPS procured and managed the consultant team to prepare the Masterplan which included:

  • Precinct Analysis Plans and accompanying reports showing landscape features, significant vegetation, Aboriginal heritage sites, and other items of heritage significance, as well as the current configuration of the site, existing infrastructure and buildings, key view corridors, prevailing winds and other site features
  • a Vision which defined the role and character of the site to guide future decision-making;
  • Masterplan - a sketch plan showing development parameters as well as potential locations for additional/upgraded facilities and development, the appropriate scale and character of buildings and other facilities, and landscape treatments and improvements
  • Masterplan Report that compiled the precinct analyses, the development parameters and described the range of potential future use options (short term and long term) included in the analysis as well as an assessments of amendments to the plan of management that may be required to implement the proposals
  • description of works as recommended in the Masterplan, including the catch up and basic maintenance works as well as additional alterations and additions or new works required to achieve a suitable standard for the identified market
  • a financial analysis of the Masterplan detailing estimated capital and operating costs and revenues, and other identified options including an estimated value for each option 
  • a staged implementation strategy which sets out the activities required to complete the necessary further investigations required to allow procurement of preferred options

Client:       Jenolan Caves Reserve Trust (JCRT)

Locations: Jenolan Caves

Service:     Master Planning 

10 year plan

In excess of 100 ha

Project & cost management services

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