Darling Harbour Bridge Restoration

In March 2018, Place Management NSW awarded the Pyrmont Bridge Structural Restoration Project to CPS.  The project compliments our on-going work for the same Government client in Cockle Bay where CPS is building a new 200-metre pontoon wharf for the new International Convention Centre, renewing timber boardwalks and restoring a section of the original seawall in Darling Island, which has badly deteriorated.

The overall objectives of this project are (1) to restore Pyrmont Bridge so that the deck can safely accommodate a pedestrian loading of 5kPa or vehicular equivalent and (2) implement protective treatments to the bridge in a manner to give it maximum life, subject to ongoing inspection and maintenance.

The restoration will be undertaken in a number of stages, generally by restoring the timber pier sets one at a time. These stages will represent coherent packages of work, with the decisions as to which works are included in each package decided on the basis of urgency to restore structural integrity, availability of raw materials (principally high quality structural hardwoods and turpentine) as well as the flow of budget allocations to carry out the work.

Specifically this comprises the following works:

·       Restore damaged and deteriorated walkways beneath the bridge

·       Remove and dispose of two steel access gantries and aluminum swing stages

·       Replace all Condition State 3 & 4 elements in each Pier Set

·       Remove localised rot and preservative-treat new and retained members

·       Apply protective coatings in heritage-approved livery to all timber and steel elements in  

        each pier on completion of repair works.

Client:       Place Management, Property NSW

Location:   Darling Harbour

Service:     Project Management

                  Site Surveillance

                  Contract Administration

2018 - 2019

Darling Harbour Bridge Restoration

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