Cranbrook School

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Cranbrook School commissioned CPS to manage a detailed audit on essential services on the Bellevue Hill campus. The purpose of the report was to understand the existing capacity constraints and condition of the Schools infrastructure for Master Planning purposes. The project involved engaging consultants and contractors and included on site investigations whilst the School was in occupation.

Stage 1 works included the Interior refurbishment of Cranbrook House and a new chapel. CPS was responsible for managing the design process, contractor procurement and superintending the works. This project involved refurbishment of the school’s boarding house and creation of a new study centre.  CPS de-risked this project by thinking laterally and creating a benchmarking system which allowed for the creation of a detailed cost plan as well as establishing an appropriate level of quality control.

Stage 2 works included the exterior & interior of Cranbrook House. This involved renovating the exterior of the building on the first floor, as well as renovating bathrooms and constructing en-suite bedrooms. CPS was responsible for engaging and managing the consultant team.


Client:     Cranbrook School

Location: Bellevue Hill NSW

Service:   Project Management & Essential Services Audit

2012 - 2015

Heritage Significance

Site Area 2,500 sqm

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