Campbell’s Cove Promenade

Campbell’s Cove is one of the sites identified by the NSW Government as part of its ongoing investment to protect and enhance heritage assets along the harbour foreshore and attract more tourists. The CPS project is integral to the Program.

The development is designed to increase accessibility, connect seamlessly with other tourist sites and provide more public space for hosting major events and festivals such as Vivid and the New Year’s Eve fireworks for the benefit of visitors to the area.

The project includes a levelling and widening of the existing promenade to 10-metres; a waterfront leisure area and amphitheatre for public events; east-west connections from the promenade to Hickson Road and The Rocks; and enhanced connections to the new Overseas Passenger Terminal wharf extension.

Lighting and signage will also be improved throughout the precinct, and increased wheelchair accessibility will encourage a greater flow of visitors to the area.

The project management task is complex in that CPS is managing three contracts within the same site which is crisscrossed with services and heritage walls and roads dating from the 1830s.  Each heritage asset is documented and preserved.

The project engages with many stakeholders including Place Management NSW (part of Property NSW), Events NSW, Cruise Boat Operators, City of Sydney, RMS, Heritage Council, the Park Hyatt Hotel, Ports Authority of NSW and its Overseas Passenger Terminal, food and beverage operators and the developers of the refurbished restaurants in Campbell’s Stores at the rear of the promenade.


Client:       Place Management NSW/

Property NSW

Location:   Campbell’s Cove, The Rocks

Service:     Project Management

                  Site Surveillance

                  Contract Administration

Commenced March 2018
Expected completion December 2018

Increase accessibility
Signage & lighting improvement

Protection of heritage seawall

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