All Hallows Catholic Primary School, Five Dock

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CPS has been appointed by Sydney Catholic Schools to manage the All Hallows project from design finalisation through to project completion. 

The project consists of three components:

1. Minor works package - Church Hall to be refurbished and utilised as a temporary learning space. Further refurbishment works include upgrades to toilets, canteen, undercroft and OOSH.

2. New Build – Partial demolition of existing school building and construction of a new extension two-storey administration and class room building as well as external works inclusive of landscaping, storm-water and a new amphitheatre.

3. Refurbishment – Refurbishment of existing Ground Floor to Second Floor learning spaces, multipurpose room and reinstated library.

The project in brief will include:

• Construct new 3 level, 2 stop lift and lift shaft including "bridgelink' to upper floor

• Refurbishment of existing Ground Floor (Year 1 & 2) Learning Spaces

• Refurbish existing Second Floor learning spaces

• Refurbish existing First Floor learning spaces

• Refurbishment existing First Floor Multipurpose Room and reinstate back to Library

• Construct new two level Administration and Classroom building including the   

  demolition of existing structure

• Minor external works to address current stormwater issues

• Landscaping works to front and side elevations

• Proposed amphitheatre works

• Refurbishment of Parish Hall for temporary classroom use.

Client:     Sydney Catholic Schools

Location: Halley Street, Five Dock, NSW

Service:   Design Management

                Project Management


Commenced April 2018
Completion expected June 2019

BVN Architecture

Steve-Watt Constructions

Construction 1630 sq. m
Refurbishment 1310 sq. m

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